President Obama’s Speech

I have just finished hearing President Obama’s Address to the Nation on the oil spill. It was both surprisingly short and at times frightening. Our President attempted to assure the nation the government was dedicated to stopping the spill and making sure BP pays for the costs of the spill cleanup and its effect on the economy.  For that I applaud him.

I do not know why it is so hard for the President to understand attacking the oil industry and BP in particular will cause major issues. Since nobody in government has any idea how to stop the leak he needs to work with BP not attack them to the point their stock value falls to become worthless.  I understand BP has a lot to pay for and possibly even criminal charges, however, if you cause the stock to tank by your consistent attacks, where do you think they will have the money to pay for the clean up and the loss of American income? In addition , this attack is causing a major ally of ours, Britain, to have economic concerns due to their retirement investments in BP.

The President also managed to find a way to pass the blame back to George Bush.  Notice he said that for a decade the oil industry has been allowed to do what they want without regulation. He did not address  the issue of foreign governments that had offered help and proven technology. They were refused or ignored for the most part. The Dutch are a prime example. Three days after the spill, the Dutch offered their technological assistance and were rebuffed. He denied claims that the Federal response is not coordinated and spotty at best. Even the New York Times wrote an article saying the same thing. They are not considered “right-wing”.

He found time to push his legislative agenda with clean energy and Cap & trade. What is really frightening is his desire to commit tens of billions of dollars we do not have to develop clean energy without an energy policy. Did anyone tell him we have a major budget deficit that we cannot commit any more money without paying for it. The economy will not tolerate any additional taxes so how does he propose to pay for it?  

His attempts to put another commission to solve the problems draws negative responses from most Americans.  They are sick of talking and want action. he needs to quickly re-certify the oil rigs he closed down and allow them to re-open . Six months are too long. 

The President made a good faith attempt to calm the country. His attempts were too little and too late. The Public wants action to stop the leak, clean up the mess, and reimburse those Americans whose jobs or business were effected. They are not interested in Cap and Trade nor the blame game.


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