Should BP be forced to pay tax dodgers?

During a recent story on Fox and Friends, there was a discussion on the slow payment from BP to workers including those in the fishing industry.  Now I am not here to defend BP. I believe they should be made to pay all costs involved with the clean-up. 

However, people are complaining they cannot get paid for their lost wages because of the amount of paperwork they are being asked to provide. In some cases the problem is BP wants a W-2 for the past year. The problem is being explained that this is a cash industry and people did not get a w-2.

Correct me if i am wrong, both the Industry and the workers are defrauding the government and are in fact tax dodgers. They did not pay income tax to both the federal and the State Governments. In addition, neither the employer or the employee paid Social Security taxes on that income. Based on this fact, there is no telling what government support they have been receiving based on little or no income. The solution to this problem is simple. Each worker can file a Schedule x with the appropriate governments, set up a repayment plan for any taxes owed, and then they can file for lost wages with BP. 

I am  sure there are many legitimate claims that need to be processed both quicker and in a  more efficient manner. However,  if you have been dodging your tax responsibility, you need to go to the back of the line.


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One Response to Should BP be forced to pay tax dodgers?

  1. Bill Gardner says:

    Patriot, of course they BP should pay, because they have caused significant harm to the people of the region. Regardless of whether they have not paid taxes, or broken any other law for that matter, they have been harmed. Also, the people who sell goods and service to the fishermen have been harmed, and on and on, ad infinitum.

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