Congress and “Don’t Ask – Don’t tell”

The proposed Action by Congress to ban “Don’t ask- Don’t tell ” will have a negative effect on our military. As a retired LTC- USAR- I am aware the military is a unique place where well meaning actions can have many unintended consequences.

Putting aside the many troops that will have a religious  reaction to such a ban, there are many practical reasons why such a ban would cause discent in a unit that depends on each other for survival. For example, when a unit comes in from a combat area for a break and to re-arm etc, one of the first places they will want to go is to a field shower to clean up.

A field shower is a large tent where 8 or more shower heads are set up to supply water for showers.  The heads are mounted on pole that have a head on each of the four sides. There si aseperate but attached area where you dress and undress in view of all. You are in close proximity of your neighbor. How uncomfortable would you be to be showering next to a person who could be looking at you in a sexual manner.  To put it another way- how would a woman feel to be showering in a room full of men? I  know the easy answer is they would not look. Is that reasonable?

 Yes , I understand there are gay soliers that serve our country in the military. However, they keep their sexual  orientation to themselves, mainly because of the “don’t ask – don’t tell policy.”  A change in such a policy during a time of war, would cause troops to rethink the trust they have in individuals they depend on for their lives. 

The military has found a working away to allow gay troops to honorably serve thir country and yet not effect morale. Congress and the Demoocratic parties proposed actions are all designed to address the wants of a group in their base and not the good of this nation. 

We as a nation have come a long way from the time of the draft. At that time, people were more than happy to avoid military duty by openly admitting they were gay. I cannot help but wonder if the same groups would be pushing this issue if the draft were still in use.


About billmoore353

Retired LTC- USAR Former HS Principal- John A. Holmes HS in Edenton, NC Former HS Principal- Roosevelt HS in Yonkers, NY
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