Chowan County and the Budget

 In an era of unchecked Government spending at the Federal and State level, I want to take the time to thank the Current County Commissioners led by Chairman Eddie Goodwin. When Goodwin and his fellow Republicans took office, they inherited a County that was broke, had no reserve and a credit rating in the toilet. They quickly went to work to right the sinking ship.

They formed an alliance that included some Democratic support. They made the hard decisions that affected everyone in the County.  Budgets were cut equally and as fairly as possible. All felt the “pain”. It is never easy to cut a budget because it affects the lives of real people.  However, this alliance, in relative short period of time, has successfully begun the process of returning Chowan County to a healthy financial status. They anticipate they will have built the Reserve to over $600,000.00 well on the way to the level of over $1.2 million as recommended by the state.

Both the Federal and the State Governments could learn some important lessons from the Current County Commissioners. Honesty, strength of character, and a commitment to make the hard decisions to best serve the Chowan Community. I look forward to the time when this crisis is behind us. When that happens, it will be a credit to Chairman Eddie Goodwin, and the alliance of Republicans and 2 Democrats that put the good of the County ahead of the over spending decisions that lead to this crisis. I salute them for a job well done. Keep up the Good Work


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2 Responses to Chowan County and the Budget

  1. Kudos indeed to the folks who are turning this county’s inherited financial nightmare around. Actually two Democrats are instrumental in working with the two Republicans in righting the ship-Emmett Winborne and Kenny Goodwin. Along with Eddy Goodwin and Kieth Nixon the county has regained some footing and is heading in the right direction. The race for Commissioners this November is critical in Chowan. We don’t want to elect anyone who is going to put us back behind the eight ball ever again.

  2. This Blog is a terrific idea !

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